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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
In China!!!!

Well many many many hours later, we are now here. Only a day later than we thought we would be. All went well until about 6 hours into our Detroit to Tokyo flight. A lady started feeling chest pains so they went back to Anchorage and made an emergency landing there. This added three hours onto our flight. So by the time we finally got to Tokyo (after 18 hours on the plane) we had missed our flight to Beijing and were not able to leave until the next morning. Which means we ended up spending the night in Tokyo. (Hey at least I can now say I've spent time in Tokyo!) It was all very confusing at the airport since we had to all go through customs and immigration in Japan which none of us were expecting to do but Northwest handled it all very well and put us up at hotels and rearranged our flights for us.

We got into Beijing around 1:00 pm and got to the hotel. Now we are really too tired to do much. (Mike's already stripped down and refuses to leave the room for anything.) So it looks like room service and an early night for us. But tomorrow --- The Great Wall!!!!

That is it for now. The internet connection here sorta sucks so I may try to find an internet cafe to right more from tomorrow. But we are here! And we get Katie-Beth in 4 more days!!