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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Guangzhou - Day 2

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That was Katie-Beth's message for the day. She is very tired so she will write more later.

Guangzhou is a huge improvement over Lanzhou. The hotel is beautiful, the room is spotless, and the it is full of Chinese babies! Everywhere we go there are more white couples with Chinese babies. And of course Katie-Beth is still the cutest one!

And even though I know the pollution is bad here, it is sooooo much better than Lanzhou that I feel like I'm in the mountains. And its 90 degrees with 85 % humidity! It feels like home! I can put my shorts back on!

The hotel has a large waterfall in the lobby and a koi pond. Katie-Beth found the fishes fascinating as you can see here.

Today we met to do the paperwork for the consulate appointment. Boy do those Americans know how to create paperwork! We had to fill out about 5 different forms that all seemed to say the same thing. And all just so we can get our little one home. But that should be the last of the paperwork for a while. And we paid our $380 for her Visa, so that is the last of the adoption funds for this trip. Whew!!!

Tomorrow we have Katie-Beth's physical. It will be nice to see how much she weighs now. It has to be over 20 lbs! (Mike & my back's are killing us from hauling her around)

We've been busy Americanizing her appetite. For breakfast she had tater tots which were a big hit and for dinner........ french fries and milk shake! She loved the fries. The milk shake was a bit cold for her, but she kept asking for more. The little pig!

And at dinner she showed us her new trick. She was holding her spoon in her right hand and her egg in the left, and she actually put the egg on the spoon and tried to feed her self! It was so cute!!

We ate at an American-style restaurant, Lucy's, that is fairly well known in the Chinese adoption circles. It was great to get American food. My stomach has been way too weak lately to handle any more spicy Chinese food.

Katie-Beth still has a little cold. Her nose isn't running as badly, but she is exhausted. She slept until 8:30 this morning, had an over 3 hour nap this afternoon and now it is 7:00 and she is out like a light. Poor thing.

But hopefully she is at the end of it. I would hate for her to miserable for that horrible plane flight home.

Mike is going to some later. He has been fascinated with the traffic around here. It is amazing. You would not believe how the Chinese drive! I've learned to sit in the back of the bus where I can't see what is going on!

Good night all!