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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Guangzhou - Day 4


Not a whole lot to report for today. Our CCAI rep, Joceyln, took all our stuff over to the Consulate today and I guess it went well. Everyone is allowed to take their babies home. Good news, eh? (Trust me I was going to get her home by any means possible!)

This afternoon we went to the Pearl & Gem market. I do not enjoy shopping in China. They really hound you here and don't give you any chance to wander around and check things out and just ponder over your purchases. I tend to just leave the shops in frustration without buying anything. So I apologize to all of you who I told I would buy things for. I haven't. It just isn't any fun. Sorry! (Even though I do have to admit that the prices are amazing!)

After the pearl market we had our red couch photo. Katie-Beth was extremely tired and wouldn't you know it, SHE is the baby screaming in the photo! The first time she has ever really cried in public and this is the time she picked. The first photo is all the babies from her orphanage. In this photo are Katie-Beth, Anna, Jimmy, Katie, and Gracie. Look at that poor little face! And that is before Anna pulled her hair! (She probably did it to shut Katie-Beth up!)

The next photo is with group 857 who have been doing a lot with us in Guangzhou. They only had 4 babies. In the back is Claire, Grace, Hana and Casey, in the front is our group; Anna, Katie-Beth, Katie, Jimmy, and Gracie. Look how much better Group 858 is behaving! For this picture Katie-Beth was the little brute and kept trying to take Anna's cracker. Can you believe Katie-Beth is the youngest one one this picture? Her group are all under a year though. Anna is the oldest and will be 1 on November 10. The 857 babies are all over a year.

This is Katie-Beth's famous fish-face kiss she has been doing lately. Isn't it a hoot? She cracks everyone up when she does this at them. Mommy taught her this, I am so very proud!

The last two pictures are to show you how cute she was in her little white dress. This is her first dress up time and she was so adorable! (BTW Mike is holding her up in the picture below. She is not that advanced yet!)

Well just one more full day and then we get to go home. I can't wait! I am so sick of living out of a hotel room! I just wish there was a way to do it without the insanely long plane trip.

Night everybody!