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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hello all,

This will be my final post on our trip. I am hoping to move all this to our web-site soon.

We have been home a little over a month, and we have settled in beautifully. I am now back to work which has been tough, but I'm managing. Katie-Beth spent last week with her Grandma and Grandpa while Mike and I both went to work and he is home with her now. (Mike gets to play house husband for a while, I'm expecting dinner ready when I get home!)

She is just continuing to amaze us. She is now crawling like a pro, pulling herself up onto the furniture and trying her darndest to walk. She gets along great with the dogs (at least from her point of view, I'm not sure Henry would agree!) and plays really well with her cousins. We haven't had any trouble leaving her with my folks during the day. She is an incredibly adaptable little thing and just loves being around people, especially if she is the center of attention.

I guess the final chapter of this story and the happy ending is the discovery we made once getting home. I AM PREGNANT! Yes, the impossible has happened! So Katie-Beth will be getting a little sibling sometime in late June. We are still in shock but very, very happy.