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Whoo-Hoo Katie-Beth is two! She is now talking up a storm, exploring everything, and has learn how to throw a good old toddler tantrum!

If China could see her now!

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To answer our most frequent questions:

When did you her? - October 30, 2006!

How long were you in China? - Almost 3 weeks.

Where did you go? We flew into Beijing and then to Lanshou, the capitol of Gansu. We were there about 5 days and then onto Guangzhou (formerly Canton.)

Why China? - That is a tougher one. Mike & I didn't trust domestic adoption and the thought of putting our name in a big pot and hoping that someone would choose us was very unnerving. Also, Mike's age made it difficult for us to get a child through agency adoption and we didn't want to go through a personal adoption. We also didn't think that either of us had the strength for foster-care. So we researched international adoption. (Being a librarian you can believe a lot of research went into this decision!) Overall China seems to have the most straightforward process. They have been doing this a long time and have it down to clockwork. The children tend to be healthier since they are given up due to their sex, not poverty or inability to care for the child. Also most of the children are girls, and both of us felt if we were to only have one child, we would prefer a girl.

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