Travel Plans

We have some now! We will be flying into Bejing on October 25 and flying home on November 11. Nearly 3 weeks of travel! Wow!

Where are we going?

We are going to be staying in Beijing for 4 days and flying to Lanzhou the capital of Gansu province on the 30th. Katie-Beth is actually in ZhangYe right now, but usually parents just go to the capital and the babies are brought to them. Our GOTCHA DAY will be on the 30th!!!

We will be staying in Lanzhou for 6 days doing paperwork to legalize the adoption.

While there we will be staying at the Lanzhou Legend.

On November 5 we will go onto Guangzhou which used to be Canton. This is the economic capital of China and is where the U.S. Consulate is located. While there we will be staying at the White Swan, which is famous among Chinese Adopters. In Guangzhou we will have Katie-Beth's physical and get her Travel Visa.

We will leave Guangzhou on November 10. On the trip home we do plan on staying one night in San Francisco to break up the 20 hour flight a bit. We will be returning on November 12, completly exhauasted but finally a family!