About me!

My sonograms

Very pregnant Mommy

Mommy in the hospital

Seeing me for the first time

First nap

Me & and TIRED Mommy

Me & Daddy

Meeting big sister

Bright eyes

With big sister

Kiss me!

1 week old

With Mommy

Sleepy time

Daddy's babies

3 weeks old

Bath time (5 weeks)

6 weeks

meeting Greta

enjoying a pacifier

fun time with Sissy

Happy boy!

Hi Daddy!

Taking it easy

8 weeks old

Like my hat?

With my Gram

Having some gym time

Mr Fashion plate

More gym time

Who me?


Carl at 11 weeks

Carl at 3 months

Beautiful children

Discovering Sweet Potatoes

Hanging out in the walker (4 months)

Taking it easy w/ Daddy

My 1st Halloween!

I've been a good boy! (5 months)


Hanging w/ G'pa


I love watching TV with Daddy!

What's up?

Bath time! (6 months)

Playing the piano

Happy New Year!

Carl's Bedroom

Let's read a story! (7 months)

In my bouncy seat

Hey Baby! (8 months)

Playing with Sissy's kitchen

Stacking rings (9 months)


Crazy hair (10 months)

Pulling up by himself

1st professional photo




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