Go Gators!

At the park

Carl & G'ma at the park

Gram & Zach


Tunnel fun

More tunnel fun

Huggy boy

A very wet Labor Day

Sweet Jake

Fun on the slide

Carl on the slide

Blowing bubbles in the rain

More bubbles

The potty video

The potty book

Go Gators!

Greta hugs

At the Beach

--Bathing beauty

--Beach boy!

--Our little fashion-plate

--We prefer the pool!

--Tired girl

--Tired boy

--Walking on the beach

-- Carl on the beach

--Fixing the umbrella

Stroller time!

Carl in the car-seat

More time at the park

Down the tunnel-slide

At the bottom

Watching the helicopter take off

When will it take off?

Uncle Rich w/ Zach