1st Professional Photo (April 07)

Mmmmm...Good cookies!

Teasing the dog

Baby Zach 1 day old

Erin & Zach

Happy kids

Waking up Daddy

Helping Uncle on the computer

Hanging out on a beautiful spring day

Raking the yard

Hey Henry

Zack, 3 weeks old

Like my bunny ears?

Painting Easter eggs

Here's my egg!

This will be the best egg ever!

Making Easter cookies

Katie-Beth's Easter Basket

Carl's Easter Basket

At Uncle's

Exhausted after a long day

Crazy hair!

I love Ravioli!

In the paddling pool

Drivin my car...

And Grandpa just wanted a quite place to do his puzzle....

Doing some heavy reading

Hey there!

Can we make you something?