On our way to Georgia!

Carl enjoying the trip

Doing a little reading

Katie-Beth checking out the front walk

And checking out her room

Getting supplies at the Piggly Wiggly

Rocking on the back porch

Daddy on the back porch

Hanging out in the living room

At the picnic table

Mommy & Katie-Beth at the lake

Taking a stroll

Coming back

Daddy & Carl checking out the park


What do you think Carl?

Going for a stroll

Mommy and kids

Ready for dinner

Having a little quiet time

Sunrise behind the cottage

The pandas

Dog! Dog!

Feeding the goats

Let's go this way!

See the monkeys?

I don't like this hat!

Sunset next to the cottage

Enjoying a fire

Let me see Sissy!

Eating at Cracker Barrel

Carl loves the Cracker Barrel!

At the butterfly museum

The butterflies are scary!

Keep the butterflies off me!

Carl likes the butterflies!

Finding the bathroom

With the mammoth

My handsome men

Checking out the fountain