Carl always has his tongue out!

Broom wars!

Sweepin' the floor

Naked boy!

Mmmm good cupcake!

Where's my cupcake?

Can Daddy have some?

At Silver Springs

--Look Auntie - Alligators!

--Lots of Alligators

--Feeding the Giraffe

Memorial Day Picnic

--In the paddling pool

--Katie-Beth & Allyson

--Ella & Claire

--Carl & Ella


--Look at Ella's belly!

Scott's Wedding

--Katie-Beth & Auntie Jenna

Dipping Katie-Beth

--Look at my loot!

--Katie-Beth found the camera!

Draw us a picture Daddy!

A fun day in the backyard

Oooohhh... Cold Water!

You must pour very carefully!

Hi Daddy!

Guess who found the goldfish?

What cute puppies!

At Tara & Tony's pool

Carl with the girls

Carl & his frog

Boy, I love cupcakes!

Little girl - big dog!

Taking it easy

In the pool with Daddy

With pretty little Cynthia

It's my ball!