Hi, My name is Ramona Miller-Ridlon. I am a librarian at our local community college. I have been married to Mike, the world's sweetest man, for 3 years now. (You can see our wedding here.) We are also the proud new parents of the beautiful Katie-Beth Ridlon who we adopted from China. You can track information about the adoption here. We are also expecting another child in June. I also have 2 step-children, Derek (20) and Corie (17).

The picture on the right is from my library's LEARN campaign. We do posters every year promoting learning. We were in St. Augustine this year and that is why I am at the Alligator Farm.

My hobbies include reading, movies, and home decorating. Mike and I also have two beagle dogs Henry & Greta and a tabby-cat Dagny.

I am also the member of a book-club which I really love.